The Charlton Group, Inc. provides superior representation and project management support for a global network of clients in North American, European and Asia Pacific markets. Since its inception in 1978, the company is the sales liaison of choice for worldwide manufacturers that supply products for some of the world's largest automotive groups.

The Charlton Group, Inc. has uncovered new opportunities and guided clients to successfully becoming vital supply base components for OEM automotive companies and automotive tier-level manufacturers in major markets on every continent.

Our highly skilled, well-trained sales force understands the needs of business, engineering and manufacturing. We can help you secure new accounts and profitably deliver the right product to satisfied customers. Business development, project management, product quality planning and logistics management are some of the Charlton Group services that can help you reach your goals.

Clients in North America, Europe, Australia, India, China and South Africa have all realized the real value that our services provide. Where do you want to be? We can open new doors and take you there.

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